Saturday, September 26, 2009

The evolution of anime

The Golden Age.

The Stone Age.



  1. Shin-Chan can get away with it.

    But it should not be used as a role model for other animators.

  2. What the fuck is up with the purple haired one? D8

    Also, the last two remind me of an episode of Sousei no Aquarion where the cast got stuck in a weird pocket dimension... identified by handing the animation over to a totally different team. The characters' reactions to their looks were so lol. XD

  3. That's a pretty cool idea, haha.

    As for the purple haired one, I am pretty sure that was just a rushed-schedule glitch of communication between the animators, cel-painters and cameramen, lol.

  4. Saw a bit of Bakugan this morning. As far as I can tell, the ONLY difference between it and Yugioh is that the monsters talk. Seriously, even the protagonist looks the same.