Monday, November 8, 2010

So there are these movie packs at my local Coles

...and they look bloody awful.

They are five-packs, twenty dollars each (wow crazy value right? RIGHT?), but the collections on them are pretty terrible. One of them has all five Doctor Dolittle movies. I didn't even know they made that many.

And so, for your enjoyment, I'm going to purchase some of these horrid collections (Dr. Dolittle included, of course) and see if I can somehow watch all five movies on each disc in one sitting. It'll be like a game.


  1. I can only imagine it would be like our adventures delving into The Never Ending Story -- each sequel, beyond all expectations, getting worse than the previous. By the end we will be staring so far into the abyss we can't help but look back at the first movie as a fucking masterpiece.

  2. I never thought of it that way.
    Perhaps bad sequels DO serve a positive function after all??

  3. Is there another bad-movie syndrome regarding "funny animals" wearing sunglasses? I hate America.

  4. Oh man you just insulted Racing Stripes and Beverly Hills Chihuahua, my favourite movies ever, this is a sin. Can't you see it's funny that the monkey pictured here is wearing a beret and striped shirt? If you think otherwise there are clearly nitrogen bubbles in your thinktank and you are getting Taste Bends.